In view of a variety of legal issues, detailed fee information for specific legal services will be provided upon contacting the Office and presentation of an issue requiring legal counsel/a lawyer’s advice.

Legal advisory fees are based on an hourly rate. The majority of cases are settled at a net hourly rate of NOK 1.300-1.500. For example:

- For financial claims, demanding representation in legal proceedings in Norway, where the dispute amount does not exceed NOK 125,000, average time spent is 7 - 11 hours;
- On matters relating claims in Norway based on legally binding judgments rendered in Poland, including representation before the Norwegian courts and enforcement bodies: average time spent 12 - 16 hours (an additional 5% of the enforced receivables is added to the fee)

In minor cases, the Office offers a lump sum settlement, by establishing remuneration for specific and pre-determined actions, for example, for preparing a draft of a document, a letter, or providing a legal advice. The legal advice cost provided in the form of a counsel during a meeting at the Office is NOK 1.300 net.

Case expenses are added to the fee amount include court fees, registered mail costs, courier costs and written sworn translations costs. Interpretation services during court hearings in Norway are always covered from the state’s budget.

In cases regarding employment terms, termination of employment, dismissal /termination of tenancy agreements, determination child contacts, appealing from decision of deportation from Norway the legal advice may be made completely or partially free of charge, if the person having the benefit of such assistance meets certain income and property criteria.